Calwest Tropical

Pick our white pots for the heat that they reflect, with bright white plastic deflecting instead of soaking in the sun. Your plants remain cradled in their media with the light and heat you direct onto them. These heavy duty yet lightweight pots feature raised bottoms with unique multiple drainage holes and slits for optimum root zone aeration. The sturdy plastic means these pots will serve your garden well for years, without putting your plants, cuttings, and seedlings at risk of cracks and spills. Whether you use these containers hydroponically, with your favorite orchid mix, or with soil-based growing, you'll be glad you picked these pots.

Excellent for Zygopetalums, Cymbidiums, Sobralias, and large Paphiopedilums & Phragmepedilums.

Try them for semi- Hydro growing in a tray of water and filled with expanded clay pebbles!

Also great on an ebb and flow table!


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